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Phoebe for Aiko


Product: Phoebe for Aiko
Product Code: ps_mr261
DAZ Original: Yes
Created by: Xena

Product Information

Required Products: Aiko (Anime/Manga Character)

Thank you for purchasing the Phoebe character.

In “Phoebe” of your Figures library and “Phoebe” of your Poses Library you will find new icons for loading the product.

Product Notes

This product uses MAT Pose files for changing the Material Settings. Please refer to for more information on Your Poses library and MAT files.

Phoebe is a complete character for the DAZ 3D Aiko character. To use Phoebe, load Aiko and browse to the Phoebe directory within your Pose folder. Click on the !MOR Phoebe Shape to change Aiko into Phoebe. This MOR file uses morph injection technology, which replaces the MaleAnime dial with a Phoebe dial. Once you have changed Aiko into Phoebe, save to your Character folder using a different name (not Aiko … you'll overwrite the original if you do). I suggest saving as Phoebe.

To load any of the clothing included with Phoebe, click on the clothing you want to load, then go to Figure>Conform To.. and conform to your figure (usually Figure1). The Phoebe suit contains 11 material zones which can be turned on and off to create new suits. I have included 22 MAT files to turn each of these on and off. Using a mixture of these will create new suits.

Some poke thru is to be expected with this suit as it is nearly skin tight. I have included a Loose morph for most areas of the body. After you have Phoebe posed, check to see if the suit has any poke thru. If so, use the Loose dial for that area. Alternatively, the use of invisibilty on body pieces such as the abdomen, hip and buttocks can help. Use the Hierarchy menu to switch them off, or select the body piece and use Ctrl+I on your keyboard. The pop up window with allow you to turn the body on or off (Visible checkbox).

The belts are conformed to the suit, not Phoebe. They contain a loose dial which replicates the loose dial on the suit.

The boots will fit just about any Millenium character with minimal fuss, but are specifically designed to be used with Aiko. You may have to make the feet and toes invisible.

The suit and belts are designed to work with PHOEBE ONLY!

Credits: Cin-. Thank you for your continued friendship and support *hugs* My beta testers … they make sure you get a fantastic package.


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Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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Draper, UT 84020
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File Listing


Phoebe Belts.mtl
Phoebe Belts.obj


Phoebe Belts.cr2
Phoebe Belts.rsr
Phoebe Boots.cr2
Phoebe Boots.rsr
Phoebe Jacket.cr2
Phoebe Jacket.rsr
Phoebe Suit.cr2
Phoebe Suit.rsr


!MOR Phoebe Shape.pz2
!MOR Phoebe Shape.rsr
!TEX - Phoebe.pz2
!TEX - Phoebe.rsr
Biker Off.pz2
Biker Off.rsr
Biker On.pz2
Biker On.rsr
Bump Off.pz2
Bump Off.rsr
Highlight Off.pz2
Highlight Off.rsr
Leggings Off.pz2
Leggings Off.rsr
Leggings On.pz2
Leggings On.rsr
Midriff Off.pz2
Midriff Off.rsr
Midriff On.pz2
Midriff On.rsr
Reflect Off.pz2
Reflect Off.rsr
Shorts Off.pz2
Shorts Off.rsr
Shorts On.pz2
Shorts On.rsr
TEX Suit Default.pz2
TEX Suit Default.rsr
Trim Biker Off.pz2
Trim Biker Off.rsr
Trim Biker On.pz2
Trim Biker On.rsr
Trim Leggings Off.pz2
Trim Leggings Off.rsr
Trim Leggings On.pz2
Trim Leggings On.rsr
Trim ShortsBot Off.pz2
Trim ShortsBot Off.rsr
Trim ShortsBot On.pz2
Trim ShortsBot On.rsr
Trim ShortsTop Off.pz2
Trim ShortsTop Off.rsr
Trim ShortsTop On.pz2
Trim ShortsTop On.rsr
Trim Top Off.pz2
Trim Top Off.rsr
Trim Top On.pz2
Trim Top On.rsr
Trim TubeTop Off.pz2
Trim TubeTop Off.rsr
Trim TubeTop On.pz2
Trim TubeTop On.rsr
TubeTop Off.pz2
TubeTop Off.rsr
TubeTop On.pz2
TubeTop On.rsr