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Stylish Shoes - Anklewrap Pumps for V4


Product: Ankle-Wrap Pump Set for V4
Product Code: ps_ac1831
DAZ Original: YES
Created By: Jim Burton
Released: December 7, 2006

Product Information
* Required Products: Victoria 4.0 Base.
* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Libraries:
* Figures: “Stylish Shoes”
* Pose: “Stylish Shoes”
* Materials: “Stylish Shoes”
* Files installed for this product:

\Runtime\Geometries\Stylish Shoes\

SSV Cuff Pump 2.obj
SSV Strap Pump 2.obj
V4 Cuff Pump 2.obj
V4 Strap Pump 2.obj
—————————————————————- \Runtime\Libraries\!DAZ\Victoria 4\Body\Deltas\

—————————————————————- \Runtime\Libraries\Character\Stylish Shoes\

SSV Cuff Pump.cr2
SSV Strap Pump.cr2
V4 Cuff Pump.cr2
V4 Strap Pump.cr2
SSV Cuff Pump.png
SSV Strap Pump.png
V4 Cuff Pump.png
V4 Strap Pump.png
—————————————————————- \Runtime\Libraries\materials\Stylish Shoes\

Cuff Black Patent.mc6
Cuff Black Satin.mc6
Cuff Blue Satin.mc6
Cuff Brown Leather.mc6
Cuff Camel Leather.mc6
Cuff Gold Satin.mc6
Cuff Red Patent.mc6
Cuff Silver Satin.mc6
Cuff White Patent.mc6
Strap Black Patent.mc6
Strap Black Satin.mc6
Strap Blue Satin.mc6
Strap Brown Leather.mc6
Strap Camel Leather.mc6
Strap Gold Satin.mc6
Strap Red Patent.mc6
Strap Silver Satin.mc6
Strap White Patent.mc6
Cuff Black Patent.png
Cuff Black Satin.png
Cuff Blue Satin.png
Cuff Brown Leather.png
Cuff Camel Leather.png
Cuff Gold Satin.png
Cuff Red Patent.png
Cuff Silver Satin.png
Cuff White Patent.png
Strap Black Patent.png
Strap Black Satin.png
Strap Blue Satin.png
Strap Brown Leather.png
Strap Camel Leather.png
Strap Gold Satin.png
Strap Red Patent.png
Strap Silver Satin.png
Strap White Patent.png
—————————————————————- \Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Stylish Shoes\

Strap Black Patent.mc6
Strap Black Satin.mc6
Strap Blue Satin.mc6
Strap Camel Leather.mc6
Strap Gold Satin.mc6
Strap Silver Satin.mc6
Strap White Patent.mc6
Ankle Black Patent.png
Ankle Black Satin.png
Ankle Blue Satin.png
Ankle Brown Leather.png
Ankle Camel Leather.png
Ankle Gold Satin.png
Ankle Red Patent.png
Ankle Silver Satin.png
Ankle White Patent.png
Z- Inj V4 Stiletto Feet.png
Z- Rem V4 Stiletto Feet.png
Ankle Black Patent.pz2
Ankle Black Satin.pz2
Ankle Blue Satin.pz2
Ankle Brown Leather.pz2
Ankle Camel Leather.pz2
Ankle Gold Satin.pz2
Ankle Red Patent.pz2
Ankle Silver Satin.pz2
Ankle White Patent.pz2
Z- Inj V4 Stiletto Feet.pz2
Z- Rem V4 Stiletto Feet.pz2
—————————————————————- \Runtime\Textures\Stylish Shoes\

Alum 2T.jpg
Blue-Black-Lined 2T.jpg
Blue_Aqua-Lined 2T.jpg
Cuff Black Inner 2T.jpg
Cuff Leather Bump 2T.jpg
Cuff Leather Dark 2T.jpg
Cuff Leather Light 2T.jpg
Cuff Patent Bump 2T.jpg
Cuff Satin Bump 2T.jpg
Cuff Satin Metalic 2T.jpg
Cuff White Inner 2T.jpg
Gold-Lined 2T.jpg
Red-Pink-Lined 2T.jpg
Strap Inner Black 2T.jpg
Strap Inner White 2T.jpg
Strap Leather Bump 2T.jpg
Strap Leather Dark 2T.jpg
Strap Leather Light 2T.jpg
Strap Patent Bump 2T.jpg
Strap Satin Bump 2T.jpg
Strap Satin Metalic 2T.jpg
White-Taupe-Lined 2T.jpg

Product Notes
* The Set includes two versions (Ankle Cuff and Ankle Wrap) of the pumps for both Victoria 4 and SuperStar V4.
* Figure Full-Body Morph
* There are injectors and removers for a new “Stiletto Feet” morph set, this is intended for Victoria 4 only.
* These morphs should be added to the standard Victoria 4 figure, and will then be found in the INJ Channels group.
* This morph is required, pump does not fit default foot.
* When using the shoes with Super Star V4, please use the stiletto morph in SSV4, not the Fit pose supplied for V4.
* Material Poses
* All work on both versions of the pumps
* Include remover and injector for the included leg morph.
* Materials are also furnished for Poser 6 only; these are separate for the Cuff and Strap versions.
* Posing Notes:
* Victoria 4 must bend her feet down somewhat after applying a pose. The toe bend should be correct, however. (Some poses may use toe morphs which may shift the toes out of the shoes. If that happens, just zero out the toe morphs.)

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