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Fog Tool Deluxe III


Product: Fog Tool Deluxe III
Product Code: ps_ac1546b
DAZ Original: NO
Created By: Nerd
Released: February 27, 2006

Product Information
* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
* Figures: “Fog Tool Deluxe III”
* Pose: “Fog Tool Deluxe III”
* Materials: “Fog Tool Deluxe III”
* Props: “Fog Tool Deluxe III”
Product Notes
* Nerd3D Fog and Atmosphere Tool Deluxe. Poser 4 and higher or Studio 1.0 and higher COMPATABILITY: This distribution is compatible with Poser 4 and higher and DAZ Studio. Some of the materials are only compatible with Poser 5 and higher. TheMagnet and Wave deformers only work with Poser.

USAGE: After installation the figures will be available in the Figures Library under Nerd3D Fog Tool Deluxe. The “P4” version of the fog tool should be used by P4 *and* PP users as it loads a special anti-crosstalk figure so multiple fogs can be loaded into the scene.

The Collection includes MAT Pose files to apply materials to the figure with a single click. These MAT pose files are located in the Poses > Nerd3D Fog Tool Deluxe Library. Poser 5 and higher will have Materials located in the Material Library under Nerd3D > Fog Deluxe III. Remember to apply the materials to both the A and B fog elememts. Explore the possibilities of mixing materials. Other files in the Pose folder are animations and/or morph settings. They do not change the texture information applied by the MAT files.

The fog Tool Deluxe is a powerful tool. It's proper use goes beyond the scope of a simple readme file. 3 tutorials on the use of the fog tool are included.
DAZ Studio Specifics: Please use the “Fog Deluxe III” version of the product. Scenes using the Fog Tool in Studio must be rendered with the 3Delight renderer the OpenGL renderer may produce strange results.

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Poser 4 or later with the latest patches. Any system that can run Poser can use this model, however a Pentium 4 Class system and at least 256 MB of RAM is recommended.

LEGAL: All figures are Copyright 2002 Taylor Technologies.

Artist's Acknowledgments:
Charles Taylor
Taylor Technologies
Nerd 3D Graphics

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