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Elea Outfit


Product: Elea Outfit
Product Code: ps_ac1535
DAZ Original: YES
Created By: Xena, Sarsa
Released: February 9, 2006

Product Information

Required Products: Aiko 3.0 Base

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
Figures: “Elea Outfit P4” “Elea Outfit PP”
Pose: “Elea-P4” “Elea-PP” “Elea-P5” and “Elea JCM Control” (P5-6 only)

Product Notes

  • Elea Boot NF contains no foot movement and moves more realistically, the way the boots are meant to use.
  • Elea Boot contains Feet and Toe groups, and is meant for stock poses, for easier posing.
  • Please be sure to turn Limits on by choosing Figure→Use Limits for best results
  • Posing beyond the limits of the character may cause poke-through or breaking of the mesh
  • Loosen Morphs are included in most clothing pieces, to help accomodate more extreme poses.

  • For DAZ|Studio users, the suit includes some special JCM dials that do not automatically trigger in the current version of DAZ|Studio. When posing Aiko, it may be necessary to manually adjust the JCM dials in the buttocks or collars to prevent pokethrough.

  • For Poser 5 and 6 Users, an Elea JCM Control folder is included. The poses in this folder enable ERC (cross-talk) for the selected item, so that it will morph and fit with Aiko as she morphs and poses. To use them, please take the following steps:
    • 1. Load your character. It must be the first figure in the scene
    • 2. Load your clothing
    • 3. Select each piece of clothing one at a time and apply the corresponding pose file. (E.G. Select Elea Suit, then apply Elea Suit pose)
    • 4. Repeat for each clothing item
    • 5. Dial a morph, or pose Aiko, and the clothing will morph with it
  • JCM = joint controlled morphs
  • FBM = full body morphs

  • For best results in conforming, follow these steps:
    • 1. Load figure
    • 2. Select hip
    • 3. Go to Figure→Use Inverse Kinematics
    • 4. Deselect Left Leg by clicking on it
    • 5. Repeat for Right Leg
    • 6. Go to Windows→Joint Editor
    • 7. Click on Zero Figure
  • All clothing is modelled on this as the default position.

  • Note to P4 users:
    Poser 4 users will need to convert several bump maps from .jpg files to use the P4 files properly.
    These Bump Map files are:
    • :Sarsa:Elea:E-Boots01B.jpg
    • :Sarsa:Elea:E-Boots02B.jpg
    • :Sarsa:Elea:E-Boots03B.jpg
    • :Sarsa:Elea:E-Outfit01B.jpg
    • :Sarsa:Elea:E-Outfit02B.jpg
    • :Sarsa:Elea:E-Outfit03B.jpg
    • :Sarsa:Elea:E-Stocks01B.jpg
    • :Sarsa:Elea:E-Stocks02B.jpg
    • :Sarsa:Elea:E-Stocks03B.jpg
    • :XenaTex:Clothing:Elea-Boots-TEX.jpg
    • :XenaTex:Clothing:Elea-Op-TEX.jpg
    • :XenaTex:Clothing:Elea-OutfitBUMP.jpg

Making your own Texture Template
A tutorial by Xena

I get so many requests for texture templates I thought I would add a neat little tutorial to my readme's so the few of you who actually read them might benefit from the experience :D
This is designed to be used by Windows users only.

  • 1. Download UV Mapper Classic from
  • 2. Install and open UVMapper Classic.
  • 3. Go to File>Load Model
  • 4. Search to your Runtime directory, then to the folder from which you want to get a model (for all my models you'll find them in Geometries/Xena/—-)
  • 5. You will get a little window pop up giving you details of the model. Click OK.
  • 6. Now in your window you will see the UV Map of the model you selected.
  • 7. Go to File>Save Texture Map (or Ctrl+T)
  • 8. Type in a size you'd like to work with. I suggest 1000 width and 1000 height.
  • 9. Click OK
  • 10. Finally, type in a file name (I usually leave it the same) and choose a destination for your map.
  • 11. Click Save. Done! You have just created a texture map for your chosen model :) Congratulations.

Artist's Acknowledgments

Special Thanks to Xena and Sarsa for creating this wonderful product.


Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

DAZ Productions Technical Support
12637 South 265 West #300
Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
FAX:(801) 495-1787
TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170

File Listing





\Runtime\libraries\character\Elea Outfit P4
Elea Arm L.cr2
Elea Arm R.cr2
Elea Boots NF.cr2
Elea Boots.cr2
Elea Leg L.cr2
Elea Leg R.cr2
Elea Stockings.cr2
Elea Suit.cr2
Elea Arm L.rsr
Elea Arm R.rsr
Elea Boots NF.rsr
Elea Boots.rsr
Elea Leg L.rsr
Elea Leg R.rsr
Elea Stockings.rsr
Elea Suit.rsr

\Runtime\libraries\character\Elea Outfit PP
Elea Arm L.cr2
Elea Arm R.cr2
Elea Boots NF.cr2
Elea Boots.cr2
Elea Leg L.cr2
Elea Leg R.cr2
Elea Stockings.cr2
Elea Suit.cr2
Elea Arm L.rsr
Elea Arm R.rsr
Elea Boots NF.rsr
Elea Boots.rsr
Elea Leg L.rsr
Elea Leg R.rsr
Elea Stockings.rsr
Elea Suit.rsr


\Runtime\libraries\Pose\Elea JCM Control
Elea Arm L.pz2
Elea Arm R.pz2
Elea Boots NF.pz2
Elea Boots.pz2
Elea Leg L.pz2
Elea Leg R.pz2
Elea Stockings.pz2
Elea Suit.pz2
Elea Arm L.rsr
Elea Arm R.rsr
Elea Boots NF.rsr
Elea Boots.rsr
Elea Leg L.rsr
Elea Leg R.rsr
Elea Stockings.rsr
Elea Suit.rsr

Elea ArmBands-P4.pz2
Elea Boots-P4.pz2
Elea Legs-P4.pz2
Elea Stockings-P4.pz2
Elea Suit-P4.pz2
Gray ArmBands-P4.pz2
Gray Boots-P4.pz2
Gray Legs-P4.pz2
Gray Stockings-P4.pz2
Gray Suit-P4.pz2
Odyssey ArmBands-P4.pz2
Odyssey Boots-P4.pz2
Odyssey Legs-P4.pz2
Odyssey Stockings-P4.pz2
Odyssey Suit-P4.pz2
StoneSkin ArmBands-P4.pz2
StoneSkin Boots-P4.pz2
StoneSkin Legs-P4.pz2
StoneSkin Stockings-P4.pz
StoneSkin Suit-P4.pz2
Elea ArmBands-P4.rsr
Elea Boots-P4.rsr
Elea Legs-P4.rsr
Elea Stockings-P4.rsr
Elea Suit-P4.rsr
Gray ArmBands-P4.rsr
Gray Boots-P4.rsr
Gray Legs-P4.rsr
Gray Stockings-P4.rsr
Gray Suit-P4.rsr
Odyssey ArmBands-P4.rsr
Odyssey Boots-P4.rsr
Odyssey Legs-P4.rsr
Odyssey Stockings-P4.rsr
Odyssey Suit-P4.rsr
StoneSkin ArmBands-P4.rsr
StoneSkin Boots-P4.rsr
StoneSkin Legs-P4.rsr
StoneSkin Stockings-P4.rsr
StoneSkin Suit-P4.rsr

Elea ArmBands-P5.pz2
Elea Boots-P5.pz2
Elea Legs-P5.pz2
Elea Stockings-P5.pz2
Elea Suit-P5.pz2
Gray ArmBands-P5.pz2
Gray Boots-P5.pz2
Gray Legs-P5.pz2
Gray Stockings-P5.pz2
Gray Suit-P5.pz2
Odyssey ArmBands-P5.pz2
Odyssey Boots-P5.pz2
Odyssey Legs-P5.pz2
Odyssey Stockings-P5.pz2
Odyssey Suit-P5.pz2
StoneSkin ArmBands-P5.pz2
StoneSkin Boots-P5.pz2
StoneSkin Legs-P5.pz2
StoneSkin Stockings-P5.pz2
StoneSkin Suit-P5.pz2
Elea ArmBands-P5.rsr
Elea Boots-P5.rsr
Elea Legs-P5.rsr
Elea Stockings-P5.rsr
Elea Suit-P5.rsr
Gray ArmBands-P5.rsr
Gray Boots-P5.rsr
Gray Legs-P5.rsr
Gray Stockings-P5.rsr
Gray Suit-P5.rsr
Odyssey ArmBands-P5.rsr
Odyssey Boots-P5.rsr
Odyssey Legs-P5.rsr
Odyssey Stockings-P5.rsr
Odyssey Suit-P5.rsr
StoneSkin ArmBands-P5.rsr
StoneSkin Boots-P5.rsr
StoneSkin Legs-P5.rsr
StoneSkin Stockings-P5.rsr
StoneSkin Suit-P5.rsr

Elea ArmBands-PP.pz2
Elea Boots-PP.pz2
Elea Legs-PP.pz2
Elea Stockings-PP.pz2
Elea Suit-PP.pz2
Gray ArmBands-PP.pz2
Gray Boots-PP.pz2
Gray Legs-PP.pz2
Gray Stockings-PP.pz2
Gray Suit-PP.pz2
Odyssey ArmBands-PP.pz2
Odyssey Boots-PP.pz2
Odyssey Legs-PP.pz2
Odyssey Stockings-PP.pz2
Odyssey Suit-PP.pz2
StoneSkin ArmBands-PP.pz2
StoneSkin Boots-PP.pz2
StoneSkin Legs-PP.pz2
StoneSkin Stockings-PP.pz2
StoneSkin Suit-PP.pz2
Elea ArmBands-PP.rsr
Elea Boots-PP.rsr
Elea Legs-PP.rsr
Elea Stockings-PP.rsr
Elea Suit-PP.rsr
Gray ArmBands-PP.rsr
Gray Boots-PP.rsr
Gray Legs-PP.rsr
Gray Stockings-PP.rsr
Gray Suit-PP.rsr
Odyssey ArmBands-PP.rsr
Odyssey Boots-PP.rsr
Odyssey Legs-PP.rsr
Odyssey Stockings-PP.rsr
Odyssey Suit-PP.rsr
StoneSkin ArmBands-PP.rsr
StoneSkin Boots-PP.rsr
StoneSkin Legs-PP.rsr
StoneSkin Stockings-PP.rsr
StoneSkin Suit-PP.rsr





DAZ|Studio files


\content\Aiko 3
\content\Aiko 3\Clothing
\content\Aiko 3\Clothing\Materials
\content\Aiko 3\Clothing\Materials\Elea Outfit
Elea Armbands.ds
Elea Boots.ds
Elea Legs.ds
Elea Stockings.ds
Elea Suit.ds
Gray Armbands.ds
Gray Boots.ds
Gray Legs.ds
Gray Stockings.ds
Gray Suit.ds
Odyssey Armbands.ds
Odyssey Boots.ds
Odyssey Legs.ds
Odyssey Stockings.ds
Odyssey Suit.ds
StoneSkin Armbands.ds
StoneSkin Boots.ds
StoneSkin Legs.ds
Stoneskin Stockings.ds
StoneSkin Suit.ds
Elea Armbands.rsr
Elea Boots.rsr
Elea Legs.rsr
Elea Stockings.rsr
Elea Suit.rsr
Gray ArmBands.rsr
Gray Boots.rsr
Gray Legs.rsr
Gray Stockings.rsr
Gray Suit.rsr
Odyssey ArmBands.rsr
Odyssey Boots.rsr
Odyssey Legs.rsr
Odyssey Stockings.rsr
Odyssey Suit.rsr
StoneSkin ArmBands.rsr
StoneSkin Boots.rsr
StoneSkin Legs.rsr
StoneSkin Stockings.rsr
StoneSkin Suit.rsr