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Morph Loader


Product: Morph Loader
Product Code: ds_ap003
DAZ Original: YES
Version Released: June 15, 2009

Product Information

  • Required Products: DAZ Studio 2.x or DAZ Studio 3.x
  • For the User's Documentation for this plug-in, click here - In progress
  • In addition to the standard system requirements for DAZ Studio, this plugin is compiled against the 3.x SDK libraries and so requires a compatible version of the DAZ Studio core application.
  • The version of this plugin that is compatible with DAZ Studio 2.x is compiled against the 1.7 SDK libraries and so requires a compatible version of the DAZ|Studio core application.

Product Notes

  • Build 3.x
    • New in this build: Compiled for DAZ Studio 3.0
    • Fixed Issues: - None

This plug-in adds a “Morph Loader …” action to the Edit menu, in the main menu bar. Clicking the menu item will launch a dialog - allowing you to select the options you'd like to use. In the lower left corner of the dialog you will find a “What's This?” button. This button is used to provide interactive help for the dialog. Simply clicking the button will put you in “What's This?” mode, changing the cursor to an arrow and question mark, at which point you can click on a widget within the dialog to show a brief (and sometimes, not so brief) description on the purpose of the widget and perhaps some supporting information - if a description for the widget has been provided. The “What's This?” feature is standard in DAZ Studio.

The full Product Documentation is in progress.

Product Usage

  • This plug-in will not create morphs from objects that have differing vertex counts in the respective groups, when using the matching options. The total vertex count of the object can be different, but vertex counts for each individual group MUST match the vertex count of the geometry for the like named bone in the figure.
  • Group/Bone matching requires both group (g) and facet (f) statements (as well as vertex statements) to be present in the input file.
  • DAZ Studio uses a unit of 1cm. An option to adjust the scale of the incoming geometry, much the same as the standard Wavefront Object import/export dialogs, has been added. Be sure to use the appropriate value for the geometry being read.

Resolved Issues

  • None

Known Issues

  • None


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