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Daring Men


Product: Daring Men
Product Code: ps_mr173
DAZ Original: Yes
Created By: Midway Productions
Released: July 5, 2005

Product Information

  • Required Products: David 3, David 3 Head Morphs, David 3 Body Morphs, Michael 3, Michael 3 Head and Body Morphs, Hiro 3.
  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    • Camera: “Real Men”
    • Pose: “Daring Men”

Product Notes

  • If you get weirdness with the feet Remove IK for the figures.
  • The characters produced by the MOR files may not appear exactly the same as in the thumbnails unless the exact same hair and skin textures are used. The character MORs are just a base to begin with. To get the exact same look, please consult the DaringMen.pdf to see what textures and hair were used.
  • The cameras labeled “face” and “portrait” are for use with the Face camera. The “main” camera files are for the Main camera.

Known Issues

  • None


Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

DAZ Productions Technical Support
12637 South 265 West #300
Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
FAX:(801) 495-1787
TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170

File Listing




\Runtime\libraries\Camera\Real Men

Face Camera 400.cm2
Main Camera 400.cm2
Portrait 2 400.cm2
Porttrait 400.cm2
Qrt Turn Main L 400.cm2
QTR turn main 400.cm2
Qtr turn Up Face 400.cm2
Qtrturn up Main 400.cm2
Face Camera 400.png
Main Camera 400.png
Portrait 2 400.png
Porttrait 400.png
Qrt Turn Main L 400.png
QTR turn main 400.png
Qtr turn Up Face 400.png
Qtrturn up Main 400.png
Face Camera 400.rsr
Main Camera 400.rsr
Portrait 2 400.rsr
Porttrait 400.rsr
Qrt Turn Main L 400.rsr
QTR turn main 400.rsr
Qtr turn Up Face 400.rsr
Qtrturn up Main 400.rsr
————————————————– \Runtime\libraries\Pose\

\Runtime\libraries\Pose\Daring Men

A David Characters.pz2
D Austin INJ.pz2
D Austin REM.pz2
D Richard INJ.pz2
D Richard REM.pz2
D Roger INJ.pz2
D Roger REM.pz2
D Vince INJ.pz2
D Vince REM.pz2
E Hiro Characters.pz2
H Derek INJ.pz2
H Derek REM.pz2
H Jean INJ.pz2
H Jean REM.pz2
H Jonathan INJ.pz2
H Jonathan REM.pz2
H Luke INJ.pz2
H Luke REM.pz2
L Mike Characters.pz2
M Beau INJ.pz2
M Beau REM.pz2
M Dante INJ.pz2
M Dante REM.pz2
M Sebastian INJ.pz2
M Sebastian REM.pz2
M Troy INJ.pz2
M Troy REM.pz2
A David Characters.rsr
D Austin INJ.rsr
D Austin REM.rsr
D Richard INJ.rsr
D Richard REM.rsr
D Roger INJ.rsr
D Roger REM.rsr
D Vince INJ.rsr
D Vince REM.rsr
E Hiro Characters.rsr
H Derek INJ.rsr
H Derek REM.rsr
H Jean INJ.rsr
H Jean REM.rsr
H Jonathan INJ.rsr
H Jonathan REM.rsr
H Luke INJ.rsr
H Luke REM.rsr
L Mike Characters.rsr
M Beau INJ.rsr
M Beau REM.rsr
M Dante INJ.rsr
M Dante REM.rsr
M Sebastian INJ.rsr
M Sebastian REM.rsr
M Troy INJ.rsr
M Troy REM.rsr