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Product: Sylfie
Product Code: ps_mr170
DAZ Original: YES
Created By: Thorneworks
Released: June 23, 2005

Product Information

* Required Products: Aiko 3.0 Base.
* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:

  • !TW: “Sylfie” (These are the custom injectable morphs.)
  • Pose: “Sylfie”

Product Notes

* Sylfie is a beautiful healing faerie whose magic will surely bring a smile to your heart. Sylfie comes with hi resolution, all original texture maps created from photos, including a second gorgeous head map make-up option. Sylfie's lovely face is created using custom injected head/neck/eye morph targets (pointy ears morph included) that do not require the standard Aiko morphs. Also included are MOR pose files to give Sylfie's body two distinctively different looks using the Aiko standard morphs: one is more human and the other is pure sylph. =;o)

Extra body MOR poses require the Aiko 3 full body morph set. Aiko 3 morphs are not required for the custom face morphs. One custom neck morph is included that automatically maintains the head/neck seam when using the full body “Realistic” morph, therefore the head “pRealistic” morph is not required. One suggestion for using Sylfie Body 2 is to set the head “pRealistic” dial to -0.500. This gives a more anime look to Sylfie's head when using the more faerie-like body 2 morph set.

* INJ and REM files for Sylfie's custom face, plus new ear, eye, and neck morph targets (Aiko standard morph targets not required)
* 2 full body MOR files to create Sylfie's body using Aiko standard morph targets (zero-morphs pose included)
* 3000 x 4000 hi resolution all original body map
* 3000 x 2040 hi resolution all original head map
* Left and right eye textures; teeth/gums texture
* Eyelashes transparency map
* MAT files for applying head and body textures and bump maps to Aiko
* Sylfie's maps are also compatible with Victoria 3, Stephanie Petite, and Young Teen Laura figures

Quality work from the names you trust for the most beautiful characters

* Due to Sylfie's face morph being a custom morph, some of the expression morphs that come with Aiko should NOT be used at full strength. If you desire to use any expression morphs, you should not use them much higher than 0.5 To achieve a realistic blink, set the eyes blink morph for each eye to 0.65 and no higher. * Note to P4 users:
Poser 4 users will need to convert several bump maps from .jpg files to use the P4 files properly.
These Bump Map files are: * :ThorneWorks:Aiko3:SylfieBodyB.jpg * ThorneWorks:Aiko3:SylfieHeadB.jpg Please see Bump Map Conversion Help for more instructions on converting Bump Files.
In all cases, “P4” will refer to Poser 4 and “PP” will refer to Pro Pak.

Artist's Acknowledgments:
Sylfie for Aiko 3 COPYRIGHT 2005 by Thorne and Sarsa ALL RIGHTS STRICTLY RESERVED

Sylfie character attributes, original morph targets and all texture maps are COPYRIGHT 2005 by Thorne and Sarsa ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

This figure and included items may be used to create rendered artwork for any purpose, personal or commercial. NONE of the included files may be redistributed in any form or format by any means whatsoever.Contact information:

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