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Battle Grade Dragon

Required Products Millennium Dragon 2.0

Born in the Jungles, these massive brutes can unleash their destructive fury in any environment. Thunder through the worlds of your imagination on beasts of strength and power.

  • Morphs

• One Morph to increase your dragon to massive proportions

  • Textures

• One Green skinned dragon texture

        • One Red skinned dragon texture  \\ 
        • Green and red versions for all the additional props that come with the full version of the Millennium Dragon (1 & 2) \\ 
        • MAT files available in Poser 4, ProPack, and Poser 5 compatible formats \\ 
  • Poses

• 4 poses specifically designed for the larger dragon

  • All textures supplied as MAT files for easy loading.

And for those who enjoy the Zone-D Collector Card game, here is a sample card for your collection, please feel free to print and play as you desire. (for personal use only)