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SS Lovey Bear


  • Product Code: ps_ac383
  • DAZ Original: YES
  • Created By: Silverleif Studios
  • Released: April 28, 2004

Product Information

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:

  • Figures “SS Lovey Bear”
  • Pose “SS Lovey Bear”

View files installed for this product: SSLoveyBearLIST.txt

Product Notes

Lovey Bear Null makes it possible to load multiple bears with multiple full body morphs without experiencing crosstalk. Please see for more information on the Null Figure method of crosstalk prevention.

Utilizing The Lovey Bear NULL CR2

1. Beginning with a new scene, load the “Lovey Bear Null” as your first figure. You will not see anything in the scene yet; this is normal.

2.Then, from the list of “Current Figures” at the bottom left of the working window, make sure the null is selected. Its name is “LoveyBear Null”.

3. From the adjacent list of “Current Elements” make sure “Body” is selected. Once selected “No Actor” will appear in its place.

4. Then “Create New Figure” (double check mark) from the library, loading your first figure with actual geometry.

5. Make any adjustments you want to the figure at this point. Setting values for morphs, rotation, translation, etc. have no effect on the next step.

6. With the null and “Lovey Bear” now in the scene, follow steps 2 - 5 as needed for loading additional “Lovey Bear” figures.

Pose Folder Tour

  • At the beginning of your pose folder you'll find poses with an explanation point in front of them “!Bashful” is the first, and “!Who me” is the last. These are your standard poses, they change the position of your figure.
  • The next set of poses are the MAP poses, these change the actual texture, apply it or remove it. “MAP !Clear” removes any map from the bear. “MAP !Default” is a simple fuzzy grayscale texture (this could also be used as a bump map for your bear if you choose to convert it). MAP BITS change the little areas needed for some animals, mouth, paw pads, sole pads, and ringed tail, they can be removed afterwards by reapplying the “MAP !Default” pose. The next grouping under MAP poses is the MAP CLO sets. If you apply Pants or Shirt and wish to apply Half Shirt or Shorts instead you'll have to first go back to your base map to clear the larger clothing areas, otherwise it will seem as if it didn't change at all. “MAP Heart Be Mine” changes the heart on his tummy to a red valentine message. The final MAP poses are full texture changes, Honey, Koala, Panda, Polar, and Stitches, these do not use the default map, they use their own special textures.
  • The final set of poses are the MAT & MOR poses, they change material colors and the shape of your figure. “MAT & MOR !White-Default” will restore any changes made by the MAT & MOR sets. With these you can turn your bear into allot of different plushies!

The Texture Maps for the SS Lovey Bear are saved in the “SS Lovey Bear folder” in the “Textures/Silverleif Studios/SS Lovey Bear” folder path in your Poser Runtime directory. They can be applied using the Render → Materials window.

Quick HOW TO Multiple Plushies

  • We're going to put a Bunny and a Raccoon into a scene.
  • Load your “Lovey Bear Null” into a blank scene, you wont see anything change, but the figure will be listed in the pull down under your scene window.
  • Target the BODY of the Lovey Bear Null with pull down menu and load the “Lovey Bear” from your “SS Lovey Bear” figure folder.
  • Go into your “SS Lovey Bear” pose folder and load “MAP !Default”, “MAP BITS Mouth”, and “MAT & MOR Bunny” now you have a cute little Bunny!
  • Retarget “Lovey Bear Null” BODY and load a second “Lovey Bear” into the scene.
  • Go back to your pose folder and load “MAP !Default”, “MAP BITS Mouth”, “MAP BITS Paw Pads”, “MAP BITS Ringed Tail”, “MAP BITS Sole Pads”, and “MAT & MOR Raccoon”, now you've got a Bunny and a Raccoon!

What do you mean you don't want a Bunny? You want the Bunny to be a pig instead?…OK!

  • Select any part of the Bunny with either the pull down or your cursor. and apply “MAT & MOR Pig”, piggy doesn't need a mouth so also apply “MAP !Default” to clear that off! now you've got a cute little Pig and a Raccoon!

Resolved Issues

Known Issues


Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

DAZ Productions Technical Support
12637 South 265 West #300
Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777

FAX:(801) 495-1787
TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170

File List

SS Lovey Bear
\Runtime\Geometries\Silverleif Studios\
\Runtime\Geometries\Silverleif Studios\Toys\
\Runtime\Libraries\Character\SS Lovey Bear\
Lovey Bear.cr2
Lovey Bear.rsr
Lovey Bear Null.cr2
Lovey Bear Null.rsr
\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\SS Lovey Bear\
!Cozy Cuddler.pz2
!Cozy Cuddler.rsr
!Fall Down Go Boom.pz2
!Fall Down Go Boom.rsr
!Hi There.pz2
!Hi There.rsr
!Hide & Seek.pz2
!Hide & Seek.rsr
!Hold Me.pz2
!Hold Me.rsr
!I'm Waiting.pz2
!I'm Waiting.rsr
!Love Da Belly.pz2
!Love Da Belly.rsr
!Quick Getaway.pz2
!Quick Getaway.rsr
!Run Away.pz2
!Run Away.rsr
!Teddy Shuffle.pz2
!Teddy Shuffle.rsr
!What Have We Here.pz2
!What Have We Here.rsr
!Who Me.pz2
!Who Me.rsr
MAP !Clear.pz2
MAP !Clear.rsr
MAP !Default.pz2
MAP !Default.rsr
MAP BITS Mouth.pz2
MAP BITS Mouth.rsr
MAP BITS Paw Pads.pz2
MAP BITS Paw Pads.rsr
MAP BITS Ringed Tail.pz2
MAP BITS Ringed Tail.rsr
MAP BITS Sole Pads.pz2
MAP BITS Sole Pads.rsr
MAP CLO HalfShirt.pz2
MAP CLO HalfShirt.rsr
MAP CLO Pants.pz2
MAP CLO Pants.rsr
MAP CLO Shirt.pz2
MAP CLO Shirt.rsr
MAP CLO Shorts.pz2
MAP CLO Shorts.rsr
MAP Heart Be Mine.pz2
MAP Heart Be Mine.rsr
MAP Honey.pz2
MAP Honey.rsr
MAP Koala.pz2
MAP Koala.rsr
MAP Panda.pz2
MAP Panda.rsr
MAP Polar.pz2
MAP Polar.rsr
MAP Stitches.pz2
MAP Stitches.rsr
MAT & MOR !White-Default.pz2
MAT & MOR !White-Default.rsr
MAT & MOR Bunny.pz2
MAT & MOR Bunny.rsr
MAT & MOR Fox.pz2
MAT & MOR Fox.rsr
MAT & MOR Honey.pz2
MAT & MOR Honey.rsr
MAT & MOR Koala.pz2
MAT & MOR Koala.rsr
MAT & MOR Lovey.pz2
MAT & MOR Lovey.rsr
MAT & MOR Owl.pz2
MAT & MOR Owl.rsr
MAT & MOR Panda.pz2
MAT & MOR Panda.rsr
MAT & MOR Pig.pz2
MAT & MOR Pig.rsr
MAT & MOR Polar.pz2
MAT & MOR Polar.rsr
MAT & MOR Raccoon.pz2
MAT & MOR Raccoon.rsr
MAT & MOR Valentine.pz2
MAT & MOR Valentine.rsr
\Runtime\Textures\Silverleif Studios\
\Runtime\Textures\Silverleif Studios\SS Lovey Bear\