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Woodland Props - Tree Trunk and Ivy


Product: Woodland Props - Tree Trunk and Ivy
Product Code: ps_ac774
DAZ Original: YES
Created By: Kromekat

Product Information

  • In “Ultimate Woodland” of your Props library you will find new icons for loading the product.

Artist's notes:

H Have you…

…ever wished you could place a highly detailed, super real, photorealastic 3D tree trunk in your
woodland renders before?

…ever found that the trees you have in some other apps, just don't cut it, especially in the
trunk department?

…ever wished that you could get right up close to it, and retain the detail?

…ever wished that, apart from photoreal bark, the tree had moss and algae around it's non symmetrical
& gnarly roots?

…ever wanted a tree that looked different from all 'sides', with differing features and details, and
a unique, custom made UV mapped texture??

…ever wished that the detail in the mesh was higher, adding that extra sense of reality, providing
holes in the bark, and ridges to make it's outline as rugged as a real tree's is?

…ever wished that on top of all of this, you could wrap the tree in a nice random looking Ivy, that
would cast shadows on the tree bark below?

…ever wished that you could use a tree like this in Poser as well as any other 3D app?

Yes? - me too!, that's why I created the 'Ultimate Tree Trunk & Ivy'…

All these points make this a very versatile package for anyone that requires character rich & realistic
trees in their renders, and with the custom texture alone, it can be several different looking trees when
rotated. But also add the fact that you can apply any other bark/moss textures to it, and you have literally
dozens of different trees!!


This pack has been set up for immediate usage in Poser, and contains the following:

1 x Tree trunk prop - high polygon/high detailed mesh.
1 x Tree trunk prop - medium polygon/medium detailed mesh.
1 x Ivy layer prop - medium-high detailed mesh.
1 x 3000×3000 tree texture map - very high detail
1 x 3000×3000 tree bump map
1 x 1500×1500 tree texture map - medium/high detail
1 x 1500×1500 tree bump map
1 x 2500×2500 Ivy texture map - high detail
1 x 2500×2500 Ivy bump map
1 x 2500×2500 Ivy transparency map

The props are set up as defaults in these configurations:

1 x Tree trunk (high poly) with the very high res textures & bumps (3000×3000)
1 x Tree trunk (medium poly) with the medium textures and bumps (1500×1500)
1 x Ivy layer prop.

This is meant as a starting point only, as you may decide that you want the medium poly mesh with
the highest res textures, or the highest quality mesh with lower res textures in some renders depending
on your requirements and machine specs.
Also, if you want to populate your scene with several trees, you may not need the highest res/poly version
for those further from the camera.

All props are .pp2 format, and textures are .jpg.

Product Notes

After applying the Ivy prop to a tree trunk, it is recommended that you parent it to the trunk, so that when you reposition your tree it all stays together as one!
To do this, simply select the ivy mesh and choose 'Change Parent' from the Poser 'Object' menu. Scroll down until you see the tree trunk .obj\\, and tick the ball graphic next to it. - simple!


Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
FAX:(801) 495-1787
TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170

File Listing

Woodland Props - Tree Trunk & Ivy





———————————————————– \Runtime\libraries\


\Runtime\libraries\props\Ultimate Woodland\

Trunk (HiRes) P4.png
Trunk (HiRes) P4.pp2
Trunk (HiRes) P4.rsr
Trunk (HiRes) PP.png
Trunk (HiRes) PP.pp2
Trunk (HiRes) PP.rsr
Trunk (MedRes) P4.png
Trunk (MedRes) P4.pp2
Trunk (MedRes) P4.rsr
Trunk (MedRes) PP.png
Trunk (MedRes) PP.pp2
Trunk (MedRes) PP.rsr
Trunk IvyLayer P4.png
Trunk IvyLayer P4.pp2
Trunk IvyLayer P4.rsr
Trunk IvyLayer PP.png
Trunk IvyLayer PP.pp2
Trunk IvyLayer PP.rsr
———————————————————– \Runtime\textures\