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Freak: Primitive Weapons


Product: Freak: Primitive Weapons
DAZ Original: YES
Created By: Dodger

Product Information

  • Required Products: The FREAK

Product Notes

* Notes from the artist:

In “Freak Hands” of your Hand library and “FreakPrimitive” of your Props Library you will find new icons for loading the product.

1) The Quarrel prop is actually a conforming figure – I just thought it was stupid to put it in Characters all by its lonesome when it goes with the bow and such. As a result, it loads from Props:FreakPrimitives like the rest of 'em.

2) Some of these are historically accurate, while others are completely imaginary. The Death Strike Glaive is a complete flight of fancy, though it is based on some simple pole arms. Still, don't use it in a historical recreation.

About the props:

The Atlatl is a spear thrower, and a hand pose is included to help you use it. An atlatl (pronounced 'at-lattle' or 'attle attle' depending on your preference and accent) is held with two fingers usually through the loops of cord on the sides fo the handle section, with the other fingers draped firmly but gently aroudn the handle. THe spear or dart is set along these fingers, which help direct it when thrown (though not consciously), and the thumb rests lightly on top. The whole arrangement is pitched overhand and, right when it needs to, the thumb just sort of slides out of the way and lets the dart fly. An atlatl dart is a deadly weapon and can easily carry a range of 500 yards. The atlatl shown is based on an Incan design, but forms of atlatl were used all over the globe, including parts of Africa, prehistoric Europe, and they are still used today by some of the Australian Aboriginal tribes that try to maintain their roots.

Note the 'Crush Fletching' morph dial on the Atlatl dart – this allows you to have the dart placed on the atlatl without the fletching sticking through it. Also note the legnth morph on the dart, which allows you to reseize the length of the dart without stretching the head, fletching, or nock.

The spear is a sort of generic spear, though the feathers lend it towards a North American or European origin.

The bow, arrow, and quarrel are based on Native American designs. Take note of the Draw morph on the bow, as well as the morphs to help simulate realistic movement, both on the quarrel and on the bow itself.

The club is based on standard bad pulp barbarian fantasy literature, with a slight nod to a very young barbarian in a well-known 80s cartoon (no, not Captain Caveman – it doesn't open on the end).

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Known Issues

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