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Created by First Bastion

For Poser and DAZ Studio.

DAZ Page is here:

DAZ Forum thread information:

Lunar Craters Moonscapes is the third in a series of useful landscape props from FirstBastion developed to offer interesting ground scapes for your renders. Sculpted and UV mapped, this realistic undulating ground works well as a desolate alien landscape, or high desert rock. Deep pocked crater strewn the landscape.

There is a preLOAD scene assembling the various models into an instantly usable moonscape terrain environment. There is also a light set preset and a camera preset. The lightset works best when it skims the surface of the terrain accentuating the deep craters. The sharp stark shadows are in keeping of an environment that would have no atmosphere.

Lunar Craters Moonscapes was setup to the current version of DAZ Studio the latest production build, and POSER 6+

The Bonus scene preset includes a light set and terrain emulating a high desert scenario. It is available in the DS environment folder.