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The Hanging Gardens of Nimrud


Product: The Hanging Gardens of Nimrud
Product ID: 13149
DAZ Original: NO
Released: August 23, 2011
Updated: No Updates.

Product Information

  • Required Products: Nothing additional required for this model.
  • Software Requirements: There are 3 versions; Poser 6+, DAZ Studio 3.1+ or Vue 6+
  • Manual: The Manual is included in your downloads (13149_GardensofNimrudPDF_1.0_gc). The manual is also available here.

Loading the Model

Depending on what version you are using the model will be located in one or several folders.

  • In the Poser Version:
    • Character section: “Hanging Gardens of Nimrud” Folder (2 flags)
    • Pose section: “Hanging Gardens of Nimrud” Folder (Placement Poses for Figures)
    • Props section: “Hanging Gardens of Nimrud” Folder and “Parts” subfolder (Main Model)
    • Camera section: “Hanging Gardens of Nimrud” Folder (All Cameras)
    • Light Section: “Hanging Gardens of Nimrud” Folder (One Light)
    • Textures in the Notung : Nimrud folder
    • Geometry in the Notung : Nimrud folder
  • In the DAZ Studio Version:
    • Go to the Content : Props : Architecture: “Hanging Gardens of Nimrud” Folder and “Parts” subfolder
    • Textures in the Runtime : Textures : Notung : Nimrud folder
    • Geometry in the Data “3.0” folder
  • In the Vue Version:
    • Go to the Objects : Architecture: “Hanging Gardens of Nimrud”

Seeing and Positioning the Model

With Poser and DAZ Studio you will have trouble initially seeing the model. The reason for this is because the model is huge.

In Poser preview mode, you will need to adjust your Main Camera in adjust the “YON” setting to 5,000+. Use the Cameras provided with the model or set your DollyY set to:

  • Sea Level= 30
  • Market Level = 280
  • Wall Parapet Level=370
  • Tower Level=375
  • Temple Tier1=345
  • TempleTier2=365
  • TempleTier3=390
  • TempleTier4=402

DAZ Studio doesn’t have the preview “YON” issues Poser has, so if you pan out enough you will see the model. Use the Cameras provided with the model or set your DollyY set to:

  • Sea Level= 100
  • Market Level = 9537
  • Wall Parapet Level=10363
  • Tower Level=10695
  • Temple Tier1=9792
  • TempleTier2=10415
  • TempleTier3=11075
  • TempleTier4=11437

Positioning the Model

Because this model is actually a series of separate smaller models you’ll want to be careful when moving it. In Poser and DAZ Studio, the model is set in an hierarchy format with the “City Base” part being the parent. In Vue, the model has been grouped into section for easy movement.

Morphs and Customizing

This model does have some morphs that are available in the Poser and DAZ Studio versions.

  • Flags: The Flags have numerous morphs found in the BODY section of the model.
  • The Gate: The gate is in four pieces that are children of the “Temple Enclosure” part. You will need to select each of these four parented props to access their morphs
    • Left and Right Gate Parts- The Door Open morphs allow the Gate to be opened. These actions will not raise the Door Bolt.
    • Door Brace- The Door Brace raises and lowers the brace. Only settings of “1” or “0” are recommended. Settings in between may cause the rope to sag and/or misalign.
    • Door Rope Crank- This crank simple spins emulating the mechanism to raise the Gate Brace.
  • Doorway: This doorway can be placed on a tower, building or wall section to emulate access to the structure. It has a simple morph to extend the back of the door frame to fit over irregular surfaces.


Because of the modular nature of this model, many different forms of customization are available. Numerous additional wall, arch and tower parts have been included. The Vue and Poser versions have very simple billboard plants on the temple garden areas. Heavier displacement can be used to make these areas more three dimensional. You can also import/add more 3D plants to the scene from other vendors such as LB Botanicals or Greenworks.

Within Vue, materials have been arranged to take advantage of the Eco-system feature to create much more realistic plants. I suggest using 100% density on these areas. Suggest painting the areas around the temple for more control; sometimes the plants grow into the temple stairway.

Plant Friendly materials for Vue

  • City Base for Walled Enclosure part: use material RBaseIntG.
  • Temple/Ziggurat part: use materials Gardens1, Gardens2 and GardenF. You could also use other Roof materials.
  • The Black Obelisk part: use materials ObeliskGarden1 and ObeliskGarden2.

Improving the Main and Temple Plazas You can remove the existing material from the Main City Base part (RBaseInt) and replace it with a higher resolution tileable texture in Vue or Poser/DAZ Studio (later versions).

Placing Additional Figures and Props

Because of the epic scale of this model, placing additional figures and props can be challenging if not discouraging at times. They get dwarfed by the architecture. Included with the model (on Poser and DAZ Studio versions) are “Place Figure” poses. These poses will place any figure at a specific location on the model. The poses only include X-Y-ZTrans information for the BODY section, so they will not interfere with your pre-existing poses. Poser props cannot be moved with these poses, but if the props are parented to a figure, they’ll go with the figure, then once transported… unparent them. There is a matching set of Camera poses included in the Poser and DAZ Studio versions.

Product Notes


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