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Interiors #9 - The Town Hall


Product: The Town Hall
Product Code: 12869
DAZ Original: No
Created By: Maclean
Released: June 25th, 2011

Product Information

Required Products:

  • None

Product Versions / File Sizes

  • DAZ Studio 3.1 - 24Mb
  • Poser 6 or later - 23.9Mb

Product Notes

The Interiors Series
Each of the packs in the Interiors Series is a single room or similar environment containing all the figures and props in one file. Every scene is self-contained and loads with everything pre-positioned and ready to use. Lighting is included, and the figures and props are available separately in the library, so they can be loaded as extras or used in other scenes. All figures and props are built to real-world scale and can be interchanged between scenes, or used with other products made to a similar scale. As the series grows, the packs will cover as wide a variety of situations as possible.

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Interiors #9 - The Town Hall
This is the 9th pack in the Interiors series - a town meeting hall. It has a double-door entrance at the front and a side door, both with exit signs. The flooring is wooden floorboards with a carpet running down the center, and wooden panelling on the walls. Seating is included, with benches down the length of the hall. A 3-sided gallery with a wooden railing and supported by 6 columns runs round the hall, and is accessed by an L-shaped staircase with bannisters near the front entrance.

The stage is made of wooden boards and has front, side and back double curtains. Each curtain has morphs to open the left/right sides so all 6 curtains can be opened or closed. A door on the right provides access to the stage area, and there's space at the back and on each side behind the curtains for actors to 'wait in the wings'. Above the stage is a political banner which can be switched off/on with the included preset, and a lectern prop is included for speakers. The lectern has 2 morphs - 1 to rotate the microphone and 1 to open the drawer. It also has an audio control panel and a front speaker. The stage canvas is an alternative prop which can be used as a background for plays, and a grid above the stage can used to hang/lower other props from. A rack of 4 spotlights points towards the stage, and the included stage lighting is aimed from them to center stage. A general light set for the whole room is also included. Other presets switch the exit signs and spotlights on/off, set the ceiling lights to off/low/high

The Poser version includes .dsa Material Presets for the figure and props to load the correct materials into DAZ Studio 3.


The ceiling body part is switched off by default to give an open view. It should be switched on when working inside the room. The 4 lights for the spotlight rack were configured with a figure on center stage at a distance of ZTrans -600 (Poser Native Units = -2.46063). You may have to adjust the lights for your figure(s). You can also change any light color to give a different look to the spotlights.

Figures, Props and Textures List

Town Hall.cr2


Lights Hall.dsa/.pp2
Lights Stage.dsa/.pp2

Banner off/on.dsa/.pp2
Ceiling Lights off/low/high.dsa/.pp2
Exit Signs off/on.dsa/.pp2
Spotlights off/on.dsa/.pp2


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