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A suspicious Cellar

from the Readme

General Tips: The cellar is a relatively small space, if you have troubles positioning your camera you might want to hide a wall or ceiling.
If you want to add something to the interior don`t miss to take a look at Props/FM_Cellar, it holds most props as single preloads.
The two doors in the scene can easily be opened/closed using the side-side morphs.

DAZ Studio users: -All files are saved to Poser format and do not require a native DAZ directory, the right materials will still load correctly.
However, lights have to be saved in D|S native format, so you need to have these in a D|S folder (thus the installer for D|S lights is separate).
-You get 3 light sets:
“FMC_DS_Light” is the standard lighting used on most promos. “FMC_DS_CamLight” is more of a fun lighting. With a spot parented to the camera it gives you some kind of crime scene look.
“FMC_DS_UE2Light” is the UberEnvironment lighting. It adds do the dirty look sometimes, but in general I recommend to stick to the standard lighting on this set.

Poser users:
Uhm, actually no special tips here I think.
Maybe about lights:
You have 4 shadow casting pointlights on the preset. If you want to speed up rendering you might want to consider to turn shadows of for one or two of them.

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