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By: IgnisSerpentus
Release Date: April 2011
Store Product Page: Artik X

Where is Victoria going today? Will it be the Frozen Tundra or out to the local mall? Wherever she goes, she needs the perfect boots to accessorize with! And ones that are comfy on her poor feet, besides.

Artik X Boots are the best of both worlds. These versatile, yet trendy boots were designed to withstand sub-zero temperatures. With padded soles and a 3“ shock-absorbing wedge, they're also uber comfortable to wear for hours! But what good is comfort and durability, without appeal? Sporting a flirty lace-up closure with ties in the front, they are sure to be the perfect addition to Victoria's closet.


Artik X Boots

  • Superconforming
  • Non-Superconforming

MATS For Boots

  • Hyena
  • Leopard
  • Ocelot
  • Tiger
  • White Cheetah
  • Black Biker
  • Brown Aviator
  • Purple Celtic
  • Red Flamez
  • Teal Tribal

V4 Poses Included

  • Partial Pose which drops V4 to the floor


  • Amazon
  • Fitness
  • Thin
  • Voluptuous
  • Fantasia
  • Sylph
  • Utopian
  • Stephanie
  • Caitlyn
  • Isabelle
  • Grace
  • L & R Cuff Out
  • L & R Cuff Front Out
  • L & R Cuff Inner Side Out
  • L & R Cuff Outer Side Out
  • L & R Shin Thickness
  • L & R Shin Outer Side Out
  • L & R Shin Inner Side Out
  • L & R Shin Front Out
  • L & R Shin Back Out
  • L & R Ankle Back Out
  • L & R Ankle Front Out
  • L & R Ankle Inner Side Out
  • L & R Ankle Outer Side Out
  • Boots Short
  • Wedge Style


To locate the figures, you need to go to your figure library and find the Artik X folder. To conform the boots, load the item, go to the top of poser under the drop down menus and click on Figure. A new menu will open which will say conform, click that and then conform to and a new dialog will open with its own dropdown. Select Victoria 4 and hit ok, and the item will load onto V4 (alternatively in DS, right click on the item and click “fit to” then select V4 in the list - but it should auto-conform in DS anyway) From there, you have a ton of morphs to play with, including adjustments which will fix pokethru, and a couple style morphs, which will change how the boots look (note: dialing in morphs ALWAYS work best by dialing in on the BODY actor)

You will also notice there are 2 versions of the boots - normal ones that you will have to dial in manually, and Super conforming versions that will automatically match whatever morphs you have dialed into V4. Keep in mind, to avoid pokethru, it is best to use the Magnetize clothing to V4 poses, which are included with V4 when you purchase her. The clothing has a myriad of standard DAZ morphs and adjustment morphs, so you can fit it to your own characters.

Also, Ive tossed in 10 mats to change up the boots, which range from Leather to Furs. The furs have displacement, to create the fur effect, so displacement must be enabled in your render settings in Poser. All the boots require displacement to be enabled, since the wedge of the sole has tread. The mats are located in the Pose library, in the folder Artik X. The DS Mats included run off the runtime, so it is to the Runtime which they will install.

..:: POSES ::..
Ive included a pose for V4 in the set. This is actually a partial pose, and will only move her hip and feet. The pose has been included, because the wedge is very thick, and this will make it so that V4 will drop to the floor properly. If you're using other poses in the set, its best to apply that pose first, then the partial pose (but keep in mind, it will change the feet and shin rotations, as well as the hip trans)


Even though there are no actual fit morphs for M4 & G4 included, the boots will technically fit them both - by using the many adjustment morphs that are included and turning off the feet and toes.

DS Optimized mats are included

Color coded and labeled templates for all figures and props are available, so you can make your own textures.

All conformers have blank channels (DAZ standardly named PBMCC and PBMDC), so you can make your own custom morphs and inject them simplistically.

The thumbnails for the files are the standard 91×91 resolution, so that they will show properly in DAZ Studio. If you are a poser 5 or higher user and prefer the larger thumbnails (which are 125×125 in size), you can download them here: Artik X Thumbs

Please Note:
Bigger thumbnails will NOT work in DAZ Studio, nor lower versions of Poser, so only download these if your using Poser 5 and higher.

Instructions to install larger thumbnails:
These are set up to the same exact locations as the original sets thumbnails. To install, simply unzip it to your Poser Runtime, and overwrite the old thumbnails. If you have moved your folders around, you will have to move these manually, too.

As covered in the instruction section, when using the conforming clothing in Poser, you may need to use the Magnetize clothing to V4 poses (which come with V4) so that absolutely no poke thru will occur.

There are no other known issues. Should you encounter one, feel free to email me (email is below)

Technical Support is always available. If you have questions that need answers, shoot me a line –