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outdoor lighting

Quick tips and tricks:

outdoor lighting

if you want to: - speed up the rendering time you may decrease the lighting quality in the render room (paying attention to shadows and shaders renders too); - change slightly the atmosphere you may move the sun trackball firstly and eventually play around slightly with haze or fog sliders; - vary the lighting intensity in the scene I suggest not to increase both the ambient light and the indirect one but merely the sun light and the sky light intensity. - change the lighting color you may vary only the ambient light color; i don't suggest to change the sky color unless you want a different haze

if you decrease the indirect light, you reduce lighting but also “fake radiosity” (that's why I don't recommend it of course), nevertheless reduces significantly the rendering time

if you want to reduce the light on the horizon lower to about 80% brightness atmosphere, and slightly increase the hdr map and sky light intensity