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Quick tips and tricks

-sand shader

if you want to change the grainy effect of the sand you may tune up the light shadow intensity and, in the texture room, the cellular alpha channel of the sand shader (0%=less grainy)

to simulate more noise on the sand surface you may tune up the spots alpha channel in the same shader

moreover,if you want a slightly different aspect you may also try to turn the distant light into sunlight and play around with the sun trackball to make dunes shadows more dramatic.

if you slightly increase brightness and/or global scale in the turbulence blender, you may gain more noise and grainy effect, and make the sand a little darker too.

-foam shader

if you want more thickness of the foam you may slightly reduce the alpha channel brightness of the “frozen water 2” shader or slightly decrease its Z size

-sand model

to better appreciate the sand vertex model (in any case editable in the model room) you may use sunset or sunrise lighting

for daytime lighting, better to use the sand terrain model (editable, of course)


to simulate motion of the foam you may*:

scale slightly the cellular bump of the “turbwatercomplex 2” shader (X-Y-Z transform tab)

scale slightly the alha map tiling of the “frozen water 2” shader (H-V sliders)

- if you need a slightly different foam (i.e. if you vary lighting) you may act on the reflection color of frozenwater shader

- if you want to modify the crashing wave, I would suggest to act on height and, above all, on the limits slider of the linear wave modifier, paying attention to what happens in the camera view: the more the numbers are close, the more the wave gets flattened and wrinkled, and vice versa

- if you want to reduce the crashing wave foam percentage, go into the model room, select the polygons that you wish and change the shader from texture 1 to texture 0

* both the foamy wave and the wet sand are meshes editable with morph targets.