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Cliff and Climb

A Pose and Prop set for Poser and DAZ Studio

Author: First Bastion

Copyright: 2010 First Bastion Toronto Canada ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Installers For POSER and DAZ|Studio

Includes - pz2, fc2, pp2, OBJ files and Textures,

Wiki/Readme Information

FOR POSER and probably info for DS too

This set includes 24 unique poses, both climbing and hanging for M4. It also includes a duo set, one M4 grabbing hold of another M4's wrist who is hanging over a ledge.

In certain poses, the hip bone is rotated, so in those poses, the pz2 contains rotational information that will cause your figure to rotate to that preset. This can be a nuissance. Usually you can simply rotate in the y-axis to bring it back to facing the cliff.

The smart props are for each hand and for each foot. Pretty self-explanatory. Load M4 first, then load the smart props and they will parent to the hands and feet respectively. When bringing them to the very detailed cliff wall, you may have to do some minor rotational adjustments of the entire body/root of M4 to get the desired placement on the many possible locations on the cliff face. The foot props are particularly larger so they can compensate for the placement being absorbed by the rock wall as much as necessary. These same foot holds can also be used as hand holds if the artist so chooses. Simply move the foothold to one of the M4 hands, and parent it. This is useful for the hanging poses, which obviously don't need footholds, though footholds on some of the hanging poses can emulate a far reachupward. Experiment.

Translation information is not included in the poses, except for the duo, that are aligned at zero position so that their wrists lock in approximately the same position. Parent one M4 to the other, and then they will both move in tandem to where ever you need them to be placed.

The Face and hand poses are also fairly straightforward, unless it's the first time you are using them. Choose the M4 head, and click the fc2 of your choice. These face poses only use the expression channels and do not alter your other morphs. Use the eye position poses to adjust M4's eyes separately. Please note that if your character figure has viseme pronounciation morph on the face already, the facial expression can start to look over exagerated.

The Hand poses, offer the standard 2 finger, 3 finger, 4 finger, and full hand grips common in rock climbing plus a few more. The duo A + B hand poses coincide to the upper and lower Duo M4 grabhold. These are both for the specific extended hand. For all the other hand poses, Choose you figure, double click on the hand pose and you will have the option of applying it to either the right or left hand.

ALso included in the props folder is a pp2 preset to load this climbing rock cliff face in the exact position as the Great Cliff in the Hidden Waterfalls Environment. This is not a requirement, just an bonus option of a related product if an artist happens to have that set. Delete or make invisible/hide, the GreatCliff model, and then double click on the Climbing Cliff in the HiddenWaters Placement folder. It should fit right in since it uses the similar rock texture. Please note that this version of the cliff is significantly more detailed and will increase polycounts. Still if you happen to have The Hidden Waterfalls and want your characters to do some climbing, this is available to you. Enjoy.

Performance It should be noted that the Climbing cliff is extremely detailed, with over 160,000 polies. If you do replace the Great cliff in “The Hidden Waterfalls” with this one, some people may experience a hit in performance (but only on slower machines. This level was built and rendered on a single core PC with only 3 gigs of ram with Nvidia 9500 accelerator card. Hardly a state of the art system. (Composite rendering techniques are recommended on slower machines). Most current systems are more powerful should not have an issue with the polycount. If you notice that it is sluggish on your system, well that's the reason.

Final Note: If you made it down to here, please, remember that warez and shared files do hurt the creators that took the time, and spent the hours creating the products. If we are not able to get compensated for our hard work, we simply can't keep doing this job. Something to think about. Peace.