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Jepe's Adrian


Jepe's Adrian is a fresh new character and texture pack for Michael 4 with a lot of personality, but not a one that you should fell in love immediately… But when you find your way to his look and beauty, it can last forever!

Adrian comes with a variety of options including a very unique and custom face, a smooth skin or different grades of naturally painted body and facial hair in as usually high-quality 'Jepe's style'. You will also get carefully handcrafted bump, specular and vein displacement maps along with six unique eye colors and two gen textures with trans, bump, specular and displacement maps.

Included with this pack are also 10 easy to use and easy to customize Area Light Presets for DAZ Studio 3 Advanced. When using those lights, make sure your overall Shading Rate is set to 0.2 or even lower. DAZ Studio default for this value after a new installation is 1.0! (Menu Render–>Render Options–>Advanced Tab–>Shading Rate) If the Shading rate is higher, the image can get blurry and dark!

Here are all LightPresets, the numbers say how many lights are in the scene:


Easy to customize: change from outdoor (LightPreset 10)


to indoor with an easy adjustment for AreaLight1 scaling it from 2% size back to 100% size (while adjusting the intensity in the surfaces tab to 80% instead of 120%!


Switch to Perspective View and zoom out a bit to see where the lights are located. For some lights the Opacity in the Surfaces Tab is set to 0% (they are invisible then and not in the way of the camera.)


Known Issues:

It can be that after a render some straight and sharp lines appear on the figure surface when using big (scaled) Area Lights, especially on curved surfaces like limbs and shoulders, it's a rendering error of 3Delight, simply resize the Area Lights a bit or slightly change their position.

Tip: Make transmapped hair invisible for test renders and only switch it on again for the final image.