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FM Prison Yard

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:

  • Light: “FMPrison”
  • Pose: “FMPrison”
  • Props: “FMPrison”

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:

  • “FMPrison”
  • “FMP_Lights”
  • “FMP_Poses”
  • “FMP_Props”
  • “FMP_Skydomes”
  • “FMP_UE2_Lights”
  • “FMPrisonScene”

Here`s a few tips:

  1. Folder structure:
    • DAZ Studio: After installing you will find the folder “FMPrison” in your Studio3 install directory. It`s subdirectories hold all content from geometry to lighting presets.
    • Poser: On Poser you will find the full scene, separated props and skydomes under Props/FMPrison and it`s subdirectories, and the lighting presets under Lights/FMPrison
  2. Working with rain:
    • The rain you find in the scene folder is intended to be used specificly with the prison yard, while the rain in the props subdirectory can be used independently. In general, as long as you have your camera surrounded by the rain object it will work fine, no need to worry about completely covering a scene.
    • You can change the rain`s appearance in many ways.
      Changing transparency and ambience values makes it look stronger or softer.
      Changing the UV-tiling or simply scaling the object can be used to get the streaks closer together (or the opposite).
    • You should make sure to keep the rain object either unselectable or hidden while setting up your scene to avoid unintended selecting.
    • Rendering will be slow with rain, that`s normal when lots of transparent textures come into play.
      You shouldn`t go wild with quality render settings.
      Actually lower settings look better at times because it`s natural to have a slightly blurred look when it rains.
  3. Rendering:
    • On the dry scene the fences have the strongest impact on render times. For quick previews you might want to hide them.
    • The decals on the floor have reflections on the wet scene, that`s the next thing to consider calculating render times.
    • As mentioned above the rain slows rendering down a lot. I don`t recommend mixing it with UberEnvironment 2 lighting on DAZ Studio.
    • Poser users: Make sure to check “Use displacement maps” on the render settings for close range renders, it`s used for some textures.
  4. Reflections:
    • As mentioned above, it`s the decals (dirt) on the floor providing reflections on the wet scene. You can easily see them, and might want to adjust your figures to stand by close to get some nice pictures.
  5. Lighting:
    • DAZ Studio: In general the UberEnvironment2 lighting gives superior results, but it is very slow when mixed with rain. UberEnvironment2 is an addon to DAZ Studio. After the trial period you need to purchase it separately or through DAZ Studio Advanced.
    • Poser: The general lighting and the lights cast by streetlights are separated loads. Experienced users will know this, but loading a light preset per icon-click overwrites the previous lights (at least on Poser7). To add the streetlights after loading the general lighting you need to use the double-checkmark button.

FM Prison Yard, 2010 by flipmode