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Victoria 3.0 Base

Product: Victoria 3.0
Product Code: ps_pe036
DAZ Original: YES
Created By: DAZ
Released: July 6, 2004

Product Information

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:

  • Figures: “DAZ People” - A new figure: “Victoria 3 SAE” has been installed. This file is meant to replace any older versions of the Victoria 3 base figure.
  • Pose: “!DAZ's Victoria 3” , “!MAT V3”

View files installed for this product: file_listing

Product Notes

  • In your Figures Library, under the “DAZ People” tab, you'll find three icons for loading the Victoria 3 figures:
    • “Victoria 3” – A new figure (with a new mesh, joints and maps), with channels ready for loading V3 morphs.
    • “V3 BLANK” – A version of this same figure, only without the channels for morph loading.
    • “Vicki 3 to Vicki 2” – A different figure (based on the V3 model), designed for compatibility with the maps, poses and accesssories of Victoria 1 and 2, and the head morphs of Victoria 3

  • In your Poses Library you'll find all of the Victoria 3 poses, MAT poses, and morph delta poses grouped together. (The V3 categories all begin with an “!”.)
    • “!DAZ's Victoria 3” – This category contains 15 specific poses designed for the Victoria 3 figure.
    • “!MAT V3” – This category contains 12 Material Pose files for changing the Victoria 3 model's material settings in various ways.

  • Also, you will find a few new categories that begin with “!V3” and end with either “INJ” or “REM”. (For those copying the files over by hand, it is important that you do not rename these folders.) These categories contain morph delta poses, and they will be added to when you purchase V3 add-on products such as the Victoria 3 Head or Body Morph Paks. The inject (INJ) poses will inject morphs into the “Victoria 3” figure, where they will show up as dials. The remove (REM) poses will remove these injected morphs and again hide their associated dials.

  • Within the Victoria 3 Base Pak product you are supplied with only a few morphs, primarily those associated with posing the figure. Some of these morphs come already contained on the character (CR2) file, and some are supplied with pose files ready to inject and remove from the character file. The morphs supplied with this product include the joint correction morphs (JCM) that are automatically linked with the rotation of joints, and the morphs for expression and speech (such as the Mimic compatible morphs). Also included are a few miscellaneous morphs: the spandex morphs (which can be used with the material grouping MAT-Poses to simulate tight clothing), and nine eyeball morphs.
    PLEASE NOTE: The Victoria 3 mesh and morphs are proprietary. These morphs CANNOT be redistributed in whole or part, either as injection poses(as purchased) or as deltas within a CR2 file. For information on how to legally distribute Victoria 3 derivatives or add-on products, please visit our FAQs page.

  • In order to really explore the versatility of this model, we recommend that you also purchase the Victoria 3 Head and Body Morph Paks, which contain morphs for versatility in the design and form of your Victoria 3 character. Also, for understanding and easiest use of all of the Victoria 3 morphs, we recommend that you check out the FAQs page at DAZ3D for information on how the morphs are ordered on the figure, and how they are named. (For example, conventions such as “JCM” for automatically applied Joint Correction Morphs, and “p” for partial morphs that are intended to be controlled by dials in other body parts.)

Follow these steps to inject the morphs into the figure.

  • Load the Victoria 3 figure into the scene from the Figures Library.
  • Go to the Poses Library.
  • Select the morph(s) you wish to use and double click on the icon to apply them. The Victoria 3 Figure must be selected.
  • It is possible to save out the figure as a new character (CR2) with these morphs loaded. Please see the FAQ for more information on this. It is not permissible to distibute these CR2 files.

  • For answers to frequently asked questions about Victoria 3's new features, please visit our FAQs page at

  • Also, be sure to check out DAZ Arcana at our website for tips and tricks on how to make great poses, how to create and distribute legal and effective add-on products, and generally how to make the most of your Victoria 3 purchase.


Visit our site site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

DAZ Productions Technical Support
12637 South 265 West #300
Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
FAX:(801) 495-1787
TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170

File Listing







\Runtime\libraries\character\DAZ People\

V3 BLANK sr1.cr2
V3 BLANK sr1.rsr
Vicki 3 to Vicki 2 sr1.cr2
Vicki 3 to Vicki 2 sr1.rsr
Victoria 3 SAE.cr2
Victoria 3 SAE.rsr


\Runtime\libraries\Pose\!DAZ's Victoria 3\

V3 Arms Crossed.pz2
V3 Arms Crossed.rsr
V3 Backturn.pz2
V3 Backturn.rsr
V3 Beach 01.pz2
V3 Beach 01.rsr
V3 Beach 02.pz2
V3 Beach 02.rsr
V3 Fashion 01.pz2
V3 Fashion 01.rsr
V3 Fashion 02.pz2
V3 Fashion 02.rsr
V3 Kneeling Crouch.pz2
V3 Kneeling Crouch.rsr
V3 Legs Crossed.pz2
V3 Legs Crossed.rsr
V3 Lying Down.pz2
V3 Lying Down.rsr
V3 Ponder.pz2
V3 Ponder.rsr
V3 Proud.pz2
V3 Proud.rsr
V3 Reclining.pz2
V3 Reclining.rsr
V3 Sitting 01.pz2
V3 Sitting 01.rsr
V3 Sitting 02.pz2
V3 Sitting 02.rsr
V3 Stride.pz2
V3 Stride.rsr

\Runtime\libraries\Pose\!MAT V3\

All Default V2.pz2
All Default V2.rsr
All Default.pz2
All Default.rsr
All White.pz2
All White.rsr
ArmGloves Off.pz2
ArmGloves Off.rsr
CatSuitFull Off.pz2
CatSuitFull Off.rsr
Pantyhose Off.pz2
Pantyhose Off.rsr
Stockings Off.pz2
Stockings Off.rsr
WetSuitShort Off.pz2
WetSuitShort Off.rsr


\Runtime\WebLinks\DAZ Productions, Inc\

DAZ Free Weekly Download.pzs
DAZ Platinum Club.pzs
Mimic Voice Software.pzs