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Lantios Nighttime Pack

Lantios Nighttime Pack
Product: Lantios Nighttime Pack
Product Code: ds_lt010b
Programs Supported: DAZ|Studio 3 Advanced
DAZ Original: No
Published Artists: Lantios
Released: July 2010

Lantios Nighttime Pack is a light set made for DAZ Studio 3 Advanced, by Lantios. The lights were designed to aid in creating realistic lights in your renders.

For other renders using the lights, including those made by the buyers, visit the thread on the forums


Lantios Lights contains:

  • 10 Full Presets
  • 10 Individual Presets for Ambient Lights
  • 03 Light Quality Settings

Mixing & Matching & Experimenting

Feel free to also rotate the lights, increase the intensities and play around with the settings. It will help you understand how the lights work and affect your scene and will help you with your future images more, especially in times where you need a specific lighting.

Using the ambient and/or back lights from one preset in another is also a great way to increase the versatility of the product.


Each preset was made to simulate a different time of day. Be it dusk, dawn or midnight is up to you.
You are free to decide which is which by changing the intensities, rotating the lights and combining the different pieces from each preset.

Questions & Answers

Why is my render taking so long?
The lights are provided with the settings set for optimum quality, thus, the render times increase dramatically, even in simple scenes. Using the presets included for test renders and final renders helps with this matter. If you still wish to have a decent quality with minimal graininess, do the following:

  • After selecting UberEnvironment, go into the Parameters tab.
  • Once there, change the value of the Occlusion Samples down from 128 to a lower value.
  • Start out with 32. If it creates grainy and blotchy spots on your render, turn it up to 64.
  • Once at 64, most blotches tend to be eliminated and the render times are normally cut in half.

I keep getting shadows all over the place and none of them are going in the same direction. How do I fix this?
The lights from the full preset are designed specifically for portrait renders. To simulate real world lighting, all you have to do is delete the “null” containing the ambient lights and load the ambient lights found in the “Ambient” folder.

I did what you said above, but I'm not getting any shadows on the ground. What's happening?
That is most likely because of how your scene is set up. Experiment with the “Maximum Trace Distance” in found in the “parameters” once you've selected the UberEnvironment light. A setting close to 100, or 50 will generally let you see the shadows you want your scene.