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Diamond Hair


Product: Diamond Hair
Product Code: ps_ac3950
DAZ Original: Yes
Created by: Valea
Released: June 24, 2010

Product Information

Required Products: Victoria 4.2 Base or Michael 4 Base

Additional morphs supported: Aiko 4 Base, Hiro 4 Base, Stephanie 4 Elite Base

Product Notes

Notes from the artist:

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
    • Hair: “Diamond Hair”
    • Pose: “Diamond Hair Shader & DS
  • Product Notes:
    • DAZ Studio Users:
      • You will no longer need to go to a separate DAZ Studio folder to apply the DAZ Studio Material Presets. Simply apply the MAT Pose from the Poser Pose→ Diamond Hair Shader & DS directory.
      • There is no longer a separate DAZ Studio installer for the DAZ Studio Presets.
    • Poser Users:
      • It is recommended that you do not delete the .DSA files from within the product's MAT Pose directory. They will not show up as extra files within Poser, but are required to use the product with DAZ Studio 3.0.
    • Some notes about the Firefly Renderer:
      • The following render settings were used in the promo images and they should bring you very good results:
        • Cast Shadows - ON or OFF (this depends on your image)
        • Raytracing - ON or OFF (this is also depending on your image, Raytracing was used in the promos)
        • Raytrace Bounces 4
        • Min Shading Rate - 0,00
        • Pixel Samples 4 (you may raise or lower this, depending on your system. However, the promos were rendered with pixel samples set to 4 or 5, while 3 is default)
        • Max Texture Size - 4096 (lower it for smaller images or images in which you don't show anything close but close up's need a large texture size)
        • Max Bucket Size 64 (you can lower this if your computer is not able to handle it well, 32 is a common setting here)
        • Smooth Polygons - ON
        • Use Displacement Maps - ON or OFF (you don't need it for Diamond Hair but other items in your image might use displacement maps)
        • Just leave the rest the way it is
    • General notes:
      • Please keep in mind that shaders have to be rendered in Firefly renderer or in P4 renderer with Ignore Shadertrees unchecked. Otherwise they will not work properly.
      • Please also keep in mind that setting a morph dial over 1 could cause distortions in some of the morphs. There are also some morphs, that won't be working well with others in some cases. Not all morph combinations will bring desirable results and some might poke into each other, due to their opposed movement.
      • Some morphs may also cause the hair to poke into other figures' body or head when you're using one of the included fit morphs. This is due to the different body shapes of the figures and can't be avoided entirely. You can use the included fix morphs to get rid of this problem in most cases.

Known Issues

  • None


Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

DAZ Productions Technical Support
12637 South 265 West #300
Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
FAX:(801) 495-1787
TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170

File Listing


\Runtime\Libraries\Hair\Diamond Hair\00 Diamond Hair.hr2

\Runtime\Libraries\Hair\Diamond Hair\00 Diamond Hair.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Hair\Diamond Hair\01 Diamond Hair.hr2

\Runtime\Libraries\Hair\Diamond Hair\01 Diamond Hair.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\00 Hair Colors.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\00 Hair Colors.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\00 Hair Colors.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Aubergine.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Aubergine.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Aubergine.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Black.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Black.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Black.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Blue.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Blue.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Blue.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Brown.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Brown.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Brown.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Copper.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Copper.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Copper.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Gold.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Gold.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Gold.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Indigo.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Indigo.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Indigo.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Peppermint.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Peppermint.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Peppermint.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Pink.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Pink.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Pink.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Platinum.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Platinum.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Platinum.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Red.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Red.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Red.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Silver.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Silver.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\01 Hair Silver.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\02 Bangs Colors.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\02 Bangs Colors.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\02 Bangs Colors.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Aubergine.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Aubergine.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Aubergine.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Black.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Black.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Black.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Blue.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Blue.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Blue.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Brown.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Brown.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Brown.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Copper.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Copper.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Copper.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Gold.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Gold.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Gold.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Indigo.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Indigo.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Indigo.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Peppermint.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Peppermint.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Peppermint.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Pink.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Pink.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Pink.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Platinum.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Platinum.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Platinum.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Red.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Red.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Red.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Silver.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Silver.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\03 Bangs Silver.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\04 Base Colors.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\04 Base Colors.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\04 Base Colors.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Aubergine.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Aubergine.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Aubergine.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Black.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Black.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Black.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Blue.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Blue.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Blue.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Brown.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Brown.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Brown.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Copper.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Copper.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Copper.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Gold.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Gold.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Gold.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Indigo.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Indigo.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Indigo.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Peppermint.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Peppermint.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Peppermint.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Pink.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Pink.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Pink.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Platinum.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Platinum.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Platinum.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Red.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Red.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Red.pz2

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Silver.ds

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Silver.png

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\Diamond Hair Shader & DS\05 Base Silver.pz2
































  • The DS material presets included in this product are compatible with DAZ Studio 2+.
  • Texture templates available for download on the product page.