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DLD High Gloss Metallic Shaders for DS


Product: DLD High Gloss Metallic Shaders for DS
Product Code: 10137 (ds_sh015)
DAZ Original: Yes
Created by: Digital Lite Design
Released: 2009-12-13

Product Information

Required Products: DAZ Studio 3 or newer

Product Notes

Notes from the artist:

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:
    • “Shaders:DLD Metallic Shaders”
  • Notes:
    • This set is based on Reflections. You must have something for the shader to reflect or you won't get the desired results. Using a Skydome, LightDome Pro 2, etc will give beautiful reflective metals. Other options are, The Cyclorama, Stonemason Sets, etc… used with your own custom lights.
    • Results will vary depending on your lighting and environment. Bright lights will result in lighter shaders, whereas darker lighting will produce a deeper richer color.
    • The Reflection and Displacement adjustment shaders effect only the reflection value or the displacemnt value. Neither the chosen colors themselves, nor the other shader settings are affected.
  • Tips:
    • For best results choose surfaces with enough area to catch a good reflection.
    • Experiment with the Displacement & Reflection Value options to achieve a wide variety of results.

Known Issues

  • None


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Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
FAX:(801) 495-1787
TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170

File Listing

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\! Disp .37.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\! Disp .37.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\! Disp .75 Default.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\! Disp .75 Default.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\! Disp 0.0.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\! Disp 0.0.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\! Disp 1.0.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\! Disp 1.0.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\! Ref 10.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\! Ref 10.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\! Ref 30.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\! Ref 30.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\! Ref 60.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\! Ref 60.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\! Ref Default.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\! Ref Default.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Baby Blue.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Baby Blue.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Basic Black.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Basic Black.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Blush.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Blush.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Bronze.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Bronze.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Burgandy.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Burgandy.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Celery.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Celery.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Chocolate.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Chocolate.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Copper.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Copper.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Country Blue.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Country Blue.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Crimson.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Crimson.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Dove Grey.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Dove Grey.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Emerald.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Emerald.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Flame Red.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Flame Red.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Flesh.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Flesh.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Grape.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Grape.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Grey Shimmer.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Grey Shimmer.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Hot Pink.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Hot Pink.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Lemon.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Lemon.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Lime.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Lime.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Mint.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Mint.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Olive.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Olive.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Orchid.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Orchid.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Pale Yellow.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Pale Yellow.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Peach - Lt.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Peach - Lt.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Peach.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Peach.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Rose - Dk.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Rose - Dk.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Rose - Lt.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Rose - Lt.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Rose.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Rose.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Royal Blue.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Royal Blue.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Rust.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Rust.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Sage - Lt.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Sage - Lt.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Sage.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Sage.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Sand.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Sand.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Silver.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Silver.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Tangerine.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Tangerine.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Turquoise.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Turquoise.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Wheat.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Wheat.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\White Gold.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\White Gold.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Wine.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Wine.png

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Yellow Gold.dsb

\Shaders\DLD Metallic Shaders\Yellow Gold.png