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NBM for Victoria 4

When you do or see an image of a nude V4 that is leaning sideways or on her back you can notice that something is wrong with her breasts and that gives away the illusion of realism in your head.

NGMV4 is a set of morphs designed to give the illusion of movement to the breasts of V4.

Its 102 morphs covers almost every possible move, turn, bulge or squish that happens to a breast due to gravity and motion. You are no longer tied to immovable breasts, let them free with NBM for V4!


The well known NGM products, stand for Natural Gravity Morphs and they are a set of morphs that give chest of V4: “weight”, size and shape so they appear as natural-real-world breasts should look while in the nude. It is made for standing or vertical position figures, this are the ideal pose for this set.

NBM on the other side stand for Natural Breast Movement and they are built, as explained before, to give the sense of motion to that part of the female anatomy. You can use it mostly for poses that are or depict certain motion or momentum like lying down or jumping.

So while both sets are created to help with that part of the female anatomy their goals are completely different and one doesn't cancel the other. They are just tools to deal with different artistic situations.

System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible

Poser 6 and above

DAZ Studio 2.3 and 3

Needed Files:

- Victoria 4.2

This product is designed for Victoria 4 and can be used with most of her bodymorphs. If shapes became distorted don't use a full point and try to use lower settings like .6 or .7

This product will not work with other figures or morphs like The Girl, Aiko4 or Elite body shapes because the shape of the breast have been transformed or distorted to accommodate a certain body shape that the effect of the NBM morphs would look stretched or deformed in proportion to the way the original breast have been distorted.


NBMV4 use ExP technology to add the morphs so you need to initialize your Victoria 4 with the shortcut located at your desktop (named update or updating V4) or by using the file DzCreateExPFiles-V4 located at the !DAZ folder in your Libraries folder. Just the way you do with her Victoria 4 morphs++ or Victoria 4 creature morphs.

This application adds the new morphs to V4 .cr2 so you now can inject all her morphs. If you fail to do that no empty morph channels will be created thus will be impossible to add the new morphs to Victoria 4 figure (.cr2)

Also Make sure you install this product in your main Runtime, ExP technology have issues with Poser external Runtimes . If you install it on an external Runtime even with the updating thing the process will fail and again there will be no empty channels to work with.

….more to come